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CalmHugger Pillow



CalmHugger Pillow



Can’t get comfortable at night?

Sleep like a baby with the CalmHugger.

Our U-shaped pillow is designed to provide complete wraparound support for your entire body, helping you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep, no matter your size.

Crafted with a soft yet firm filling, the CalmHugger body pillow is engineered to prevent clumping or flattening, ensuring long-lasting comfort. The filling is adjustable to suit your individual needs, providing a customized sleep experience that reduces discomfort and promotes relaxation. The pillow also helps with natural and cozy sleep posture, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

To make your life easier, the CalmHugger body pillow comes with a machine-washable cover, ensuring that it stays clean and fresh for longer.


  • Complete wraparound support for your entire body
  • Soft yet firm filling is evenly distributed, preventing clumping or flattening
  • Customizable filling promotes relaxation and reduces discomfort
  • Unique full-body layout promotes deeper and more restful sleep
  • Improves natural and cozy sleep posture
  • Comes with a machine-washable cover for easy cleaning

Try the CalmHugger body pillow today and start enjoying a more comfortable and restful sleep experience!


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