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BouncyDab Air Cushion Cheek Blush



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BouncyDab Air Cushion Cheek Blush



Cheeks on fleek? It’s possible with BouncyDab™! This air cushion blush will make it easy to achieve that coveted warm and rosy glow, without looking overdone!

Get ready to add a pop of color to your cheeks with BouncyDab Air Cushion Cheek Blush. This innovative cushion blush blends seamlessly on any skin tone to provide a natural, sun-kissed flush in just a few dabs. Its premium formulation offers long-lasting performance, so you can flaunt that youthful glow all day long without worrying about smudging, fading, or clumping. The unique mushroom-shaped puff ensures easy and precise application, preventing any unwanted patchy or streaky blotches. Whether you prefer a subtle or intense coverage, this cushion blush can flatter all face shapes and create multiple finishes to match your style.

With BouncyDab Air Cushion Cheek Blush, you can achieve that coveted rosy glow without any fuss. The cushion blush is available in a range of fine-pigmented shades, from flattering coral to romantic vivid pink, that deliver their own unique rosy glow. It is lightweight, buildable, and silky on the skin, providing comfortable coverage that lasts for hours. Its compact and sleek design makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, fitting neatly into bags, beauty pouches, or makeup kits. Made with high-quality, cruelty-free natural ingredients, it is gentle and safe to use daily for your dreamy flush warmth without experiencing irritations, itchiness, discomfort, and other allergic reactions.


  • Rosy Perfection:
    This loose powder cushioned blush blends seamlessly on any skin tone. It adds a wash of warm popping color, providing you with a natural, sun-kissed flush that’s both innocent and enviable. Choose from a range of fine-pigmented shades, including flattering coral, peach pink, romantic vivid pink, and milk tea nude hue, for a genuine rosy glow that enhances your complexion’s vibrancy and youthfulness.

  • Long-Lasting Charm:
    This cushion blush offers a lightweight, buildable pigment that feels comfortable and silky on the skin. You can apply multiple layers without worrying about weighing down your face or looking too thick and cakey. It’s formulated to last for hours without smudging, fading, or clumping, so you can maintain a brightened skin tone and attractive flush no matter the environment or weather condition.

  • Precise and Effortless Application:
    Designed with a patented mushroom-shaped puff that releases the perfect amount of pigment, this cushion blush provides easy and precise application in just a few dabbing motions. It blends evenly and smoothly on the skin, preventing any unwanted patchy, streaky, or uneven blotches. Whether you want a subtle or intense finish, this blush can flatter all face shapes and create multiple finishes depending on how you apply it.

  • Chic and Compact:
    This cushion blush is packed in a compact circular container that’s easy to carry around wherever you go. It fits neatly into bags, beauty pouches, and makeup kits without taking up much space. Plus, it’s equipped with a mini mirror built into the cover for even more convenience. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups or when you need a quick rosy pick-me-up.

  • Premium Quality:
    Made of high-quality, cruelty-free natural ingredients, this blush works gently on all skin types without causing irritations, itchiness, discomfort, or other allergic reactions. You can use it daily for your dreamy flush warmth and not worry about it clumping even when not used for long.


  • Net weight: 49g
  • Size: 4.7 x 4.9cm
  • Color: #1 Coral / #2 Peach Pink / #3 Romantic Pink / #4 Milk Tea


  • BouncyDab™ Air Cushion Cheek Blush



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