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Nuwe 2023 Body Detox & Fat Burn Liver and Lung Cleanse Bead Candy(Only 10 discounts left)



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Nuwe 2023 Body Detox & Fat Burn Liver and Lung Cleanse Bead Candy(Only 10 discounts left)



‚úąÔłŹWorldwide Shipping: usually 3-5 days delivery.¬†It’s produced in Chicago,¬†USA,¬†¬†and has multiple offline stores and warehouses in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.¬†

ūüíƬ†24/7 Customer Support: We have a team of live reps ready to help and answer any questions you have within a 24-hour time frame, 7 days a week.

ūüíéThorough and Lasting Results: After completing the 14-day course, continued consistent use for 90 days can lead to complete and long-lasting results for up to 10 years!

Almost out of stock, this sale lasts 30 minutes at the lowest price of the year. Grab the discount now! Tomorrow we will stop the sale and return to the original price of $119.99.

Before we introduce our product, let’s look at our happy customers.

Alicia¬†Michaels submitted this photo on her journey with¬†Nuwe‚ćü Bead Candy¬†after using it for¬†6¬†weeks.¬†

Congrats on the success!

Alicia Michaels, from Brooklyn, New York

“Until a friend introduced me to this¬†whole body detoxification¬†Nuwe Bead Candy, I decided to give it a try. After just 8 weeks, I became completely slim! The results are ultra¬†amazing!!! Now I am a big fan of it. I also bought some for my mom.

My mother entered¬†menopause¬†when she was about 45 years old, and became more irritable, anxious and depressed than before, often suffered from insomnia. But after using this product for a month, she¬†often¬†keeps¬†a¬†good¬†mood,¬†not as sensitive as before, and her¬†sleep quality improved a lot! She can rest assured to sleep the whole night. Even the¬†decades-long chronic rhinitis is completely cured! She said she felt her nose was ventilated like never before, and it felt so good to breathe freely!”

 Mr. Jameson, from Fairbanks, Alaska

“Because of bad eating and living habits, I was diagnosed with¬†fatty liver¬†5 years ago, accompanied by¬†high blood pressure,¬†high blood fat,¬†high blood sugar. And after I became very fat, I¬†snored loudly¬†when I slept, and I have been sleeping separately from my wife for a long time. Even so, I still can’t control my¬†smoking and drinking. When I first started using this product, I thought it would be good to improve a little bit. Unexpectedly, after using this product for about¬†8 weeks, I not only lost a lot of weight, but also¬†stopped snoring completely, and I slept with my wife again! Moreover, I went for a physical examination last month and found that my¬†blood pressure and blood sugar returned to normal levels, and my¬†fatty liver has been greatly relieved! The doctor said that according to this progress, I will be able to fully recover to a healthy state soon.”

‚ÄúI’ve been committed to finding a safer and more effective body detox and weight loss method other than surgery.”

Dr. Geoffrey Smith is a University of Chicago Medical School professor and an internationally recognized weight-loss expert. He has published multiple papers on human metabolism, detoxification, and the immune system, and specializing in using surgery, nutrition, exercise, and psychology to promote weight loss. He has created multiple innovative weight-loss plans, and serves as a consultant for the New York State Weight Loss Center, participating in national research projects.

–¬†Dr. Geoffrey Smith,¬†65, Chicago¬†

“I have been committed to finding a safer and more effective body detox and weight loss method other than surgery.¬†Nuwe¬†herbal Bead Candy is the best solution¬†I have found so far! It can greatly¬†enhance the ability of the lymphatic system to metabolize and eliminate excess fat, waste and toxins.¬†It is¬†convenient to use¬†and¬†highly effective in solving various health problems such as obesity, fatty liver, gallstones, pulmonary emphysema, hypertension, cholesterol, blood sugar, rhinitis, pharyngitis, thyroid enlargement, varicose veins, and hormone level disorder.

After years of clinical experience and research, I have found that the role of the lymphatic system in human metabolism and the removal of toxins in the body is absolutely underestimated.¬†The lymphatic system runs throughout the body, and the¬†elimination amount of excess fat, waste and toxins depends primarily on lymphatic system’s ability to absorb and break down these substances. Lymph nodes are also the main organs that produce immune factors to eliminate various inflammations and bacteria. Then these harmful substances filtered by lymph and immune factors produced by lymph are transported to other parts by the circulatory system for processing.

Nuwe‚ćü herbal Bead Candy¬†contains six ingredients that can effectively increase the permeability of lymphocytes, increase the activity of the lymphatic system to enhance the absorption of harmful substances, and enhance the response of immune factors to help increase the sensitivity and ability to respond to harmful substances. Ultimately,¬†it greatly enhances the ability of the lymphatic system and help people become healthier.”

Nuwe‚ćü Bead Candy¬†can greatly enhance the lymphatic’s ability to adsorb and decompose waste and toxins from the body, helping the liver and lungs gain super detoxifying power to restore health!

We all know that the imbalance of thyroid hormone (TH) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in the body is the direct cause of goiter, and substances such as cholesterol and triglycerides synthesized by lymph will affect the level of this hormone, and lymph glands can produce and secrete a substance called lymphokine, which can directly affect the growth and development of the thyroid gland, thereby causing enlargement of the thyroid gland. Therefore, the most fundamental treatment method can be achieved by regulating the function of the lymphatic system, which is more thorough than surgical resection , and is also the most secure method.

Diminish Lymphatic Inflammation

After 90 Days¬†of¬†Lymphatic¬†Treatment By¬†Nuwe‚ćü¬†

Treat Varicose Veins

Most¬†likely,¬†varicose veins are caused by thinning of the lymphatic vessel walls,¬†weakening¬†the¬†support¬†for¬†blood¬†flow,¬†thus¬†changing¬†the¬†flow¬†direction¬†from¬†oneway¬†to¬†chaotic,¬†slowing¬†down¬†the¬†discharge¬†speed¬†of¬†blood,¬†leading to blood stasis and varicose veins.¬†Nuwe‚ćü¬†can increase the thickness of the lymphatic vessel walls¬†to¬†restore¬†the¬†blood¬†flow¬†direction¬†and¬†speed¬†to¬†normal,¬†and¬†varicose veins will naturally disappear.

 Excellent Fat Burning Effect!

Week 1:

– Sally Smith, from California
“I am a student at the University of California. At first, I didn’t believe in this type of product, but my classmates highly recommended that I should really give it a try.¬†Surprisingly, I felt the effect on the first day of using¬†Nuwe‚ćü. I slept better than usual that night because I had been so busy with my studies and anxious for a long time. I felt energized when I woke up the next day!¬†I started to believe that it might really have the effect of cleansing the liver and detoxifying.

Week 3:

“After using¬†Nuwe‚ćü Body Detox Bead Candy¬†for three weeks,¬†I’m totally amazed by it!¬†I was too busy writing papers to have time to exercise and didn’t pay much attention to diet management, but¬†I still obviously slimmed down!¬†No wonder my friend was so crazy about recommending it to me. Thanks to her recommendation!”

Week 6:

“Wow! After 6 weeks,¬†my weight has completely dropped to a normal level!¬†I’m 5’5″ tall and weigh 116 lbs, and my BMI (Body Mass Index) is 19.54 (normal BMI range is 18.5 – 24.9).¬†I’m satisfied with this result!¬†I asked the customer service and they said that after reaching a normal weight level,¬†continuing to use this product for 1 month can maintain a healthy weight for more than 8 years, so I ordered another 6 packs (30 pieces) as consolidation treatment.¬†By the way, I didn’t have an allergy to pollen this time when I went for a spring outing yesterday, which was originally allergic to me! I checked the information and found that¬†allergy to pollen is due to the disorder of the body’s own immune system, which mistakenly thinks that pollen is a harmful substance and releases a large number of immunoglobulins, thus causing an allergic reaction. And this¬†Nuwe‚ćü has adjusted my immune system by strengthening the function of the lymphatic system!”
РJohn Johnson, from Detroit
“I have severe hypertension, as well as high blood sugar and high cholesterol, and I need to take antihypertensive drugs every day. My wife and children are very worried about my health. Fortunately, I saw this product on Facebook by chance, and after a few days I felt that¬†my body was really detoxifying!”

Week 8:

“This is the result I got!¬†My blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids are now at a normal level!¬†And it’s purely plant extracts, very safe. I didn’t feel any side effects. My wife also uses it once or twice a month to get rid of toxins in her body. Health is so important at this age.”
Garcinia Cambogia, also known as the¬†“Miracle Fruit”, is highly praised by nutrition experts around the world as the¬†“Strongest Body Detoxification and Fat-burning King”.
The most crucial ingredient –¬†hydroxycitric acid (HCA)¬†is currently the¬†most effective¬†ingredient to¬†prevent fat synthesis and increase fat metabolism. It can reduce the absorption and utilization of sugar to the greatest extent, inhibit the synthesis of new fat from glucose; HCA can also¬†inhibit the activity of fatty acid synthesis enzymes¬†to reduce fat synthesis; most importantly, it can¬†inhibit the oxidation of fat in the lymphatic system and circulatory system, decomposing harmful substances such as acetaldehyde and acetic acid. While acetaldehyde and acetic acid produced by fat oxidation can cause liver damage, liver dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, and also damage the nervous system of the human body, causing symptoms such as headache and insomnia.¬†This is why obesity often comes with many complications.¬†HCA can¬†regulate and treat various physical diseases¬†from the source, reduce the production of harmful substances; in addition, HCA can also¬†increase the level of serotonin in the human body. Serotonin is a kind of nerve conduction substance, which can not only increase satiety and control appetite, but also¬†affect emotions, keep people calm, reduce stress and significantly improve sleep quality.¬†Over¬†all, HCA can enhance the detoxification function of the lymphatic system by more than¬†10 times, with a very¬†significant slimming effect, it is the undisputed¬†“Super Detoxification King”, and can¬†clear 85% of toxins¬†in the body within¬†one week.

Chia¬†Seeds: The “NEW STAR” in detoxification and fat burning.
When¬†supermodels¬†talk¬†about¬†their¬†secrets¬†to¬†maintaining¬†their¬†figure,¬†they¬†always¬†mention¬†chia seed,¬†which¬†is¬†known¬†as¬†the¬†new¬†generation¬†of¬†“Slimming¬†Panacea”¬†by¬†the¬†public.
Chia¬†seeds¬†contain¬†the¬†HIGHEST¬†OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID¬†content¬†among¬†all¬†plants,¬†6 times more than salmon¬†and¬†5 times more calcium than milk.¬†Its¬†iron content is 4 times that of spinach,¬†and¬†its¬†antioxidant function surpasses that of blueberries,¬†the¬†king¬†of¬†antioxidant¬†fruits.¬†Chia¬†seeds¬†also¬†contain¬†the¬†highest¬†protein¬†ratio¬†among¬†all¬†seeds.¬†This¬†is¬†why¬†it¬†is¬†called¬†the¬†“MAGIC SEED!¬†The¬†sticky¬†watersoluble¬†fiber¬†on¬†the¬†seeds¬†increases the feeling of fullness of the stomach and intestines,¬†helps¬†regulate blood sugar and lipid levels,¬†stimulates gastrointestinal peristalsis,¬†and¬†is¬†beneficial to the health of the digestive system.¬†The¬†American¬†Heart¬†Association¬†recommends¬†consuming¬†2g¬†of¬†Omega3¬†fatty¬†acids¬†per¬†day.¬†Nuwe‚ćü¬†Bead Candy¬†can absolutely meet this requirement, to provide a¬†healthy escort for the¬†digestive system!

Nuwe‚ćü‘s Ganoderma is all sourced from¬†Aomori Prefecture in Japan, which contains more¬†trace elements, amino acids and vitamins than other fungi, as well as various antioxidants with 20 times more free radical resistance than other fungi and 5 times more than other low-quality Ganoderma. Using it for¬†one week¬†can give the¬†lymphatic system a big clean-up,¬†clearing 96% of free radicals¬†in the body, and is significantly effective in¬†anti-aging, tonifying the liver and kidney, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, anti-fatigue, improving memory, regulating the immune system, anti-cancer, slimming and shaping.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Rich in MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), MCT has a short structure, small molecular weight, high solubility, low melting point, and is more quickly and completely hydrolyzed, making it easy for the body to absorb. More importantly, it can combine with various fatty acids in food to form insoluble polymers, preventing them from being absorbed and accumulated by the body, effectively blocking new fat accumulation in the abdomen, blood vessels and viscera. In hospitals, medium-chain fatty acids are often used as edible oils for patients with pancreatic, liver and gallbladder diseases. MCT is also commonly used as a specialized food for postoperative, infected and burn patients, as well as for those who have fat malabsorption, AIDS patients and cancer patients, or for treating prostatic hyperplasia, dissolving gallstones, lowering cholesterol and preventing hyperlipidemia. 

In¬†addition,¬†Nuwe‚ćü¬†adds¬†extracts¬†of¬†Italy Moro Blood Orange¬†and¬†kinds of berries, including blueberry,¬†raspberry,¬†strawberry¬†and¬†mulberry,¬†providing¬†vitamin¬†A,¬†vitamin¬†B6,¬†vitamin¬†C,¬†vitamin¬†E,¬†vitamin¬†K,¬†folic¬†acid,¬†calcium,¬†phosphorus,¬†iron¬†and¬†a¬†variety¬†of¬†trace¬†elements¬†to¬†comprehensively supplement the human body’s required vitamins and minerals, enhancing the ability to metabolize toxins and immunity.

Nuwe‚ćü Bead Candy¬†employs¬†the¬†most¬†advanced¬†essential¬†oil¬†extraction¬†method¬†–¬†SUPERCRITICAL FLUID EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY,¬†achieving:

  1. Creation of 1000-fold concentration without any additives such as flavorings, colors, thickeners and preservatives, 100% natural and pure;
  2. Multiple refining processes to retain only the core essence, without any scent, making it safe to use even for people with scent sensitivity;
  3. Magnetic control precipitation technology: using magnetic force to separate and recombine different components, making the essential oil particles nano-level small, easily absorbable by human body;
  4. Different from traditional essential oil use, Nuwe adopts a new inhalation method, where the nanolevel small essential oil particles enter the wellventilated nasal mucosa and immediately spread throughout the body via the bloodstream and lymphatic system. 

Why Choose Nuwe‚ćü?

  • Full¬†body¬†detoxification¬†to¬†solve¬†various¬†health¬†problems.
  • Accelerate¬†blood¬†circulation¬†and¬†metabolism.
  • Clear¬†fat¬†from¬†subcutaneous,¬†visceral¬†and¬†vascular.
  • Regulate¬†and¬†strengthen¬†the¬†body‘s¬†immune¬†system.
  • Clear¬†free¬†radicals¬†and¬†antioxidant¬†protection¬†of¬†cells.



  • ūüﶬ†Insured Worldwide Shipping:¬†Each order includes real-time tracking details and insurance coverage in the unlikely event that a package gets lost or stolen in transit.
  • ūüíį¬†Money-Back Guarantee:¬†If your items arrive damaged or become defective within 15 days of normal usage, we will gladly issue a replacement or refund.
  • ‚úČÔłŹ¬†24/7 Customer Support:¬†We have a team of live reps ready to help and answer any questions you have within a 24-hour time frame, 7 days a week.


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